CBS's The Doctors sub contracted Benerino Studios to help finish the Web application. Check it out >

Psyncopate wanted a one page responsive site, so that is what we did. Brant Clater from Eindruck Design did the design work and Benerino Studios did all the development work. It was a quick project that looks good. Check it out >
Splicity is the simplest way to turn your everyday moments into beautiful, compelling short video stories. Check it out >

The Wannabe Wino App is a project I did with @Calebarclay and @KyleRStewart at Startup Weekend Tempe. We finished a website, app, and video over one weekend and we got 2nd place at the event. Check it out >
PayToSnooze is an Alarm Clock App to incentivize you to stop pushing the Snooze button by making you pay to push the Snooze button. Check it out >

SnapTheHappy is a disposable camera app for your wedding. Your reception guests can take pictures with the app and they will be uploaded to your account so you can get them later. Check it out >
DocItNow is a central photo depository for project photos for the construction industry. We developed the website, iPhone app and api for DocItNow. Check it out >

Benerino Studios helped AlphaStripe finish the conversion of the site to Ruby on Rails. We got them ready for launch. Check it out >
Capital Dynamics owns a lot of solar, gas, and wind plants. They are in need of an internal system which allows them to quickly track and view how there plants are doing. Benerino Studios is making the CapDyn website and iPad app. Check it out >

Atticue is a real-time location-based network that allows you to interact and create new experiences with people that share the same interests. Benerino Studios is doing there iPhone app. Check it out >
ROE is an iPhone app that was built from an android app. The app allows the companies users to add Orders and the associated parts for each order. The user can then submit these items to the server. Check it out >

Skrittle helps you find sites that other users like based on the current site you are one. Kind of a "the people that like this site also like these sites" kind of deal. It has a pretty cool UI and I think it is a pretty good idea. Check it out >
Oh, the cakes look so good! Add onto that the cool pinterest layout and a great design, It all makes a good looking website. Michelle makes awesome cakes and I hope you use here next time you need a cake. Check it out >

Postif is a site to easily create a page with images and links and post it to the internet. Postif uses HTML 5 canvas to create the pages and then saves them in a mysql database to be drawn later. Check it out >
LaunchValet gives companies everything they need except their product. You get a launch page, beta testers, user polling, and easy invite sending upon sign-up. We are awesome and going to be great! Check it out >

MiLynx - Shop, Share, Cash Back! MiLynx lets their users shop for products, share deals, and get money back for products the user and friends have bought through affiliate programs. On MiLynx, I setup a quick login through facebook, pulled in amazon rss feeds, and track links shared and links clicked. The site is also integrated with amazons affiliate program and payments through paypal. MiLynx also has an admin panel that only admins can see. Check it out >
Brett Stewart designed my site and in return I helped him with LegalLifeguard. LegalLifeguard helps you make a will and other legal documents. The site has a login, PayPal functionality and for creations. I also made an iPhone app that interacts with the website and displays the forms you have created. Check it out >

What do you do when your child is screaming in their car seat while you are driving? Instead of screaming at them, turn your iPhone on, select the Peek-A-Boo app and enjoy the peace and quiet that follows. The app will play peek-a-boo with kids of all ages!. Check it out >
Get opinions from your friends quickly with Quick Question. Set up a poll and tweet or facebook it to your friends. Then watch as the stats roll in and help you make a decision. This is a site I have developed for myself. It uses facebook and twitter to login and authenticate users. Then the user us able to facebook or tweet from the site. Check it out >

eIntro is a company I meet while attending Startup Weekend Chandler. The goal of this site is to be able to make business introductions quicker and easier. Check it out >
Provident Generation of America is one of my best clients! I am building a website where their agents can go and see information about their clients, about the company, and run reports. The first phase of the the site that I am currently working on is setting up the user interface, setting up the client section and building a Financial Needs Analysis report. Check it out >

I was perusing craiglist and someone wanted jQuery help. What they wanted was an image to change when the mouse rolls over text. I figured it was simple so I did it real quick. Check it! Check it out >
I am doing consulting and HTML/CSS help for They needed two PSD to HTML conversions and Check it out >

This Debt Calculator was created for Provident Generation of America. The debt calculator explains the concept of debt stacking, allows you to input your own information, and then calculates and shows you how debt stacking can help you. Check it out >
Default is being created to list the upcoming events for the church I attend. The home uses an image slider created through jQuery. The site also has a user login and admins are able to update, edit, and delte the posts. Check it out >

The Promulgame was created for John Moghtader. He wants to be able to play a game with people who have similar interests and see who can get the most clicks on links they share. The beauty of this site is that it looks so simple but it has a lot of components and accomplishes a lot. There is a user login, web scraper, unique link generator, sharing to facebook and twitter, history component, and milestone tracker. That is all just for a user. An admin has the ability to boost links to the front page, delete links, chan... Check it out >


Since 2005 Ben Hall has been tirelessly honing his skills as a web developer for three different companies. Instead of being called a nerd, geek, or bobo he prefers to be refered to as a coding ninja, mcgyver, and sometimes a Benerino. (That's a male Ballerina named Ben. I only do ballet in my dreams)

While going to school at California State University East Bay he worked as a jr. network systems admin at DKS Associates. DKS needed someone to make changes to their website. Ben looked at it, figured it was just HTML and said he could do it. After looking into the code more Ben found out it was written in classic ASP. So he taught himself classic ASP and worked at DKS Associates as the webmaster for 4 years.

After graduating with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science Ben moved his family to Arizona to work at Ex3. At Ex3 Ben helped in developing the web based EHS Data management system. He taught himself SQL and javascript to add to his arsenal of programing languages.

His last job was as THE Sr. Software Developer for in San Francisco, CA. Happeo is a social networking site that is trying to compete with Facebook. He was able to pick up Ruby on Rails, jQuery, mySql, and a bunch of different techniques at Happeo.

After getting laid off from his last two jobs he was tired of his fate being in someone else's hands. So he started Benerino Studios. And it is paying off!!!

If you want a website, contact me!

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